Aspirin: The controversy and new guidelines

(NEW YORK) -- Aspirin -- is it safe to take?

Cardiologists have recently put out new guidelines recommending that a person’s risk of life-threatening bleeding should be factored into... Read More

EPA bans public sale of paint stripper connected to accidental deaths

(WASHINGTON) --  The Environmental Protection Agency will ban consumer sales of paint strippers that contain an ingredient that has caused dozens of accidental deaths.

Families of people who have died after inhaling paint strippers th... Read More

Girl found dead in 1971 is finally identified through novel DNA technique

mystery for decades.

Investigators worked to identify the girl, who became known as Jane "Annie" Doe, but were unsuccessful.

But thanks to DNA and genetic genealogy, officials have finally discovered who she was -- Anne Marie Le... Read More

Girl Scouts fight to install menstrual hygiene locker in their school bathrooms

(NEW YORK) -- A group of Girl Scouts in western Ohio fought to put a locker for menstrual hygiene products in their school restrooms, and even used some of the money they made from selling cookies to fund it.

"We never really set out to re... Read More

Dad to receive kidney from daughter he adopted 27 years ago

(NEW YORK) -- A woman from North Carolina is about to give the gift of life to the man who adopted her when she was an infant.

DeLauren McKnight will soon donate her kidney to her dad, Billy Houze, after tests revealed she was a match for ... Read More

Chrissy Teigen shares video of son Miles graduating flat head syndrome helmet

(NEW YORK) -- Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter Wednesday night to wish her son Miles a "Happy Graduation" after he spent three months wearing a helmet for medical reasons.

In December, the mom of two revealed on social media that Miles, who... Read More

FDA proposes new measures to crackdown on youth e-cigarette use

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration put out a new proposal Wednesday for how it will crack down on the "epidemic-level rise in youth e-cigarette use." But some critics say the efforts do not go far enough in preventing young people ... Read More

Viral photo shows 'crazy mix of emotions a mom has about adding a new baby to the mix'

(NEW YORK) -- It's one of those moments that many moms of two or more kids knows, but can't be explained until you've actually been through it.

It's when your first baby is longer your only baby.

You know, of course, that you wi... Read More

Mom loses 185 pounds after realizing she was not in any family photos

(NEW YORK) -- Maggie Wells woke up on New Year’s Day last year with what she described as a “bone-chilling” thought.

The 34-year-old mother of three weighed more than 300 pounds and refused, for the most part, to be in an... Read More

Amid measles outbreak, NY lawmakers propose bill that would allow teens to get vaccinated without parental consent

(NEW YORK) -- New York lawmakers are pushing for the power of change to rest in the hands of teenagers.

A new bill currently moving through the state legislature would allow for any teens over 14 to receive certain vaccines without parental ap... Read More

Duchess Meghan wears high heels far into pregnancy. Dangerous or more power to her?

(LONDON) -- Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is due to give birth to her first child next month and she is still rocking heels... high ones.

She wore two different pairs of high heels to two events Monday as she stepped out with Prince Harry... Read More